Solo Shows


Looking for an Angle, Anteros Gallery, Norwich 2017
Folding the Future, The Atrium, Norfolk 2012
One Man Show, Slurp Norwich, 2005

Group Shows

The Big Draw, Forum, Norwich, 2017
Open Studios Taster, Forum, Norwich, 2017
AMMOMJ* in May (Old Norfolk Word for Amaze) Wymondam Arts Centre, Wymondham 2015
Light, The Undercroft, Norwich, 2017
Worstead Festival,  Worstead, Norfolk, 2017
Nova at Salthouse, Salthouse, Norfolk, 2017
N2017G, Forum, Norwich, 2017
The Art of Revolution, Undercroft, Norwich, 2017
Coast Festival, White Horse, Overstrand, Norfolk, 2017
New Artists/New Work, Colorida Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal, 2016
20 Group at Oaksmere, Brome, Norfolk, 2016
The Big Draw, Forum, Norwich, 2016
Open Studios, St Margaret’s, Thorpe Market, Norfolk, 2016
20 Group Works on Paper, Theatre Royal, Norwich, 2016
Eastern Horizons, Forum, Norwich, 2016
Worstead Festival, Worstead, Norfolk, 2016
Asylum, Undercroft, Norwich, 2016
Coast Festival, White Horse, Overstrand, Norfolk, 2016
Christmas Exhibition, Mandell’s Gallery, Norwich, 2016
The Big Draw, Forum, Norwich, 2015
We Are Here Already, Forum, Norwich, 2015
New Work, Bank Gallery, Eye, Suffolk, 2015
Open Studios Taster, Forum, Norwich, 2015
Middle of Novawhere(Open Studios) Ridlington, Norfolk 2015
Works on Paper, Theatre Royal,Norwich, 2015
20 Group Goes Underground, Undercroft, Norwich, 2015
Worstead Festival, Worstead, Norfolk, 2015
Coast Festival, Cromer,Norfolk, 2015
New Artists/New Work, Colorida Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal, 2014-15
New Work Norwich 20 Group, Mandells Gallery, Norwich, 2014-15
War and Peace, Atrium, North Walsham, 2014
The Big Draw, Forum, Norwich, 2014
Nova @ the Atrium, Atrium, North Walsham 2014
Worstead Festival, Norfolk, 2014
Middle of Novawhere, Manor Lodge, Norfolk, 2014
Now 70, The Forum, Norwich, 2014
20 Group Underground, Undercroft, Norwich, 2014
Seven From Twenty, City Frames Gallery, Norwich, 2014
Norwich 20 Group 70 Years Bridewell Museum Norwich 2014 
Norwich 20 Group 70th Anniversary,Theatre Royal Norwich 2014
Coast,Nova Red Lion, Cromer 2013
Norwich 20 Group Spring Show, The Forum Norwich 2013
Open Studio at Wensum Lodge, Norwich 2013
Open Taster Exhibition, The Atrium, Norfolk 2013
The Open Studio Show, The Old Workshop Gallery, Norfolk 2013
Journey, Espacio Gallery London, 2013
Eastern Line Two, Artshoproject Norwich 2013
Starting Bid, Auction, SIFA, Norwich, 2013
The Norwich 20, Espacio Gallery, London, 2012
Two-oh-for-two-oh-one-two, Norwich, 2012
North Walsham Art Trail/Open Studios, Norfolk, 2012
Griffon Gallery, North Walsham, 2012
Looking into Twenty, Norwich, 2012
Festival/Apex, Bury St Edmunds, 2012
100 Metres, 100 Artists, Espacio Gallery, London, 2012
Brinkmanship, Cromer, 2011
Coast/Nova, Cromer, 2011
Turning Point, Sheringham, 2011
Open Studios, Norfolk, 2011
Twin Visions, Koblenz Germany, 2011
Naked in Norwich 2, Norwich, 2011
Felbrigg Hall Sculpture Garden, Felbrigg, 2010
20 Group Summer Exhibition, Norwich, 2010
It Takes Two, Norwich, 2010
NNAC 178th Exhibition, Norwich, 2010
Art for Haiti, Sheringham, 2010
Four Sight, Norwich, 2009
The Ship. Solo Show, Mundesley, 2009
Art Space, Sheringham, 2009

Let’s Talk, Jan 2004
Eastern Daily Press, March 19th 2004

The Norwich 20 Group
North Norfolk Organisation for Visual Arts
Norfolk Contemporary Arts Societry
Espacio Gallery London
East Anglian Art Fund